Reply to your blog comments via Email [WordPress Users Only]


Reply to your blog comments via Email [WordPress Users Only], the hosted platform has now enabled ‘Comment via email’ functionality – enabling authors to reply to individual comment via email.

In order to enable this, head to ‘Discussions’ menu (under Settings) and check the ‘Reply via email’ feature. Next time you receive a comment, you can post your comment via replying to the comment (a special WordPress e-mail address will appear in the Sender line, matching your reply to the proper comment thread. Send it off, and your reply is up on your blog in seconds.(more))

The feature is not yet launched in self-hosted sites, but will be a great help to blogs like us, who receive loads of comments every day and have a hard time replying to each and every one.

Feature request – Enable this feature to users who subscribe to follow-up comments (via email) – and you will see blog turning into a forum!

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