WordPress Plugin to Improve Productivity – Write Without Distraction [Zen]

As a blogger, the last thing you want is distraction coming out from the admin dashboard. Sometimes, all one wants to do is focus on the write panel and remove all the distractions on the screen.

Something like Writeroom/Omniwriter for WordPress?

Zen, a WordPress plugin helps you achieve the same. Once installed (link) and activated, you will see this screen (when you are in ‘Add New’ Post screen, click on "’Zen’ link on the top right].


No category selection, tagging, sidebars – just you and the post.

Zen adds a handy-dandy little button right above the publish module that toggles Zen mode (you can also use the keyboard shortcut listed below).  Zen mode includes a textboxes for the title and content, save and publish buttons below them, and a close button on the top left.  To leave Zen mode, click on the close button or use the keyboard shortcut below.[plugin author]

Highly recommended for those who want a distraction-free blogging world.

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