WordPress Publishing Gets Sexier [Betaout @UnPluggd Demo #8]

betaout---logo“A powerful solution for real time collaboration,dynamic budgeting, tasks delegation and efficient team management.” This is how Betaout, focused on content teams for  describe themselves.

Borne of pains experienced first hand as the founders struggled to manage scaled teams at their earlier startup, Betaout includes features for managing the various stages of an article’s life as it develops right through from ideation to publishing (for which there is a neat WordPress integration). It also provides a dashboard for the editorial team to run the entire newsroom, keep a track on the performance of various contributors and even manage payments for them. In other words, whatever you need to run an online publishing business!

The product is slick, flexible and let’s you configure various roles, manage workflows customized to your way of doing this, while ensuring many best practices – that again come from the founders’ deep experience.

Its a niche play, but fills a much needed void. If you’re online media, this is something you should seriously seriously consider.


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