WordPress Themes for Microblogging – Build Twitter like Collaboration using WordPress

If you are into Twitter, you must have explored ways to build a microblogging solution. Microblogging themes are most useful when you have a group blog and need to collaborate with other authors.
We present some of the ready made WordPress themes for those who want to use wordpress as a microblogging service and need a collaboration platform on WordPress.


Designed by Automattic, the company behind WordPress, P2 is packed with impressive features like live notifications, in-line editing for posts and comments, real time notifications and ofcouese, a very neat and clean layout.

Demo | Download.

SiXX WordPress Microblog them

This theme is built on top of the Automattic’s P2 theme.


SiXX offers following features

  • Posts and comments on the startpage
  • 140 character limit in the traditional microblog way
  • Show/hide comments on startpage
  • Tags and tagcloud for categorizing post
  • You never need to see the WordPress backend as a user
  • User can delete their own wrongly posted posts from user interface
  • iPhone fully supported (even show/hide comments)
  • Sidebar Login (customized plugin)

Details | Download

Live Blogging Plugin

Live blogging plug-in is a plugin developed to support blogs that are doing live micro blogging of running events, such as major sport events or tech conferences.It provides a simple backend interface, and has multiple hooks that can be triggered when a new live blog post is made – at the moment it has a hook to push to Twitter.

Using the plugin to blog these kind of events has two obvious advantages – reducing load on your server of constant pageloads from people refreshing your blog, and also to get your entries out quicker than anyone else.

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