Is your work helpful or harmful?

Work Life Balance
If you’re designing sticky features that are meant to maximize the time people spend using your product instead of doing something else in their life, is that helpful?

If your business model depends on using dark patterns or deceptive marketing to con users into clicking on advertising, is that helpful?
If you’re trying to replace meaningful human culture with automated tech, is that helpful? (do read the entire article).

This is precisely one of the biggest question I have faced and I have asked to several consumer company founders.
Most of the smartest brains of our generation (IITs/non-IITs) are building stuff that sells things which people don’t really need.

Make them spend more and ‘waste’ time on activities that just push the seven sins (lust, wrath, gluttony, greed, pride, sorrow and sloth) into human mind and activities. And eventually, the society.

How is this even useful? How are food apps / news consumption / the very ‘viral’ apps helpful ? At max, they are bringing the seven sins to the forefront.
Is this what they call disruption?

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