“I gave zero time to my wife and no time to my children” L&T CEO on #WorkLifeBalance

Today I can say this…although without changing the basic path which I have taken…I gave zero time to my wife and no time to my children. They feel they didn’t get the affection of their dad.

After spending 50 years in the company, L&T CEO Anil Manibhai Naik resigned from the company (he will continue to be associated with the company for three more years as non-executive chairman).

So if I were to restart my life I would make sure they get due share of my quality time. I think I would not deviate from what my mind says and that is work for the nation, build a strong India, but I would also not go mad as to totally ignore the family. I would give some time to them. So now I am now trying to make it up and say that in the final phase of life let me whitewash my sins.”

Question for entrepreneurs / professionals out there:
Do you believe in work-life balance OR have you bought into ‘I need to make this work no-matter-what’ philosophy?

There is this hippy thought process that just tells you to work hard (and let go of everything in life -especially family) vs. a traditional approach of growing at a meaningful pace (i.e. slow, but not sexy).
Does family slows you down as an entrepreneur? Do you even believe in ‘work life balance’?
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