WorkApps Chat : chat solution for large distributed teams

WorkApps Chat is secure chat for large distributed enterprise teams.

The chat can be hosted within the enterprise, with user access rights, employees can be given access to numbers and the access is switched off on resigning from the firm, location services, set up basis the governance policies.
Some of the useful features include GPS locator, Employee attendance (integrated with Google maps – so can’t fudge), automated travel claims etc.

Adds Ashish Sinha.

Love the use-cases WorkAppsChat is solving. What’s not clear is whether these are vertically thought through for different industries or are generic in nature? Is there a lot of customization?

WorkApps Founders
Rudrajeet Desai (37) – Founder, CEO and Product Head
-Previously founded ideacts innovations, a Cyber Café Management Company funded by Sequoia and Silicon Valley Bank
MVS Murthy (43) – Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
-Vice President & Head Marketing – Tata AIG
-Head of Product, Portfolio & Marketing – ICICI Bank (Privilege Banking)
Shankar Borate (41) – Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
-Computer Scientist from IIT Delhi
-Worked in Symantec, Intuit, Adobe and GE Systems

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