Coffee Shops Are Passé, It’s time for Some BreathingRoom

Ever felt the need to find a place in a busy city where you could have some space to get your work done? Sure, coffee shops are the first option. Here is another – Breathing Room.breathing room

BreathingRoom is a network of on-demand hourly workspace providing startup that demoed at the BigMobilityConf2014. The Breathing Room app provides users with hourly commercial workspaces available near the user’s location thus avoiding the need to visit a coffee shop.

BreathingRoom provides professional work spaces where users can have access to fast Wi-Fi, privacy from other users/visitors and have a quiet ambiance to get their work done. The spaces provided by Breathing Room are shared real-estate from various firms who have additional workspaces.

The app accepts prior booking up to 3 days and also provides information on the available time slots of the selected space as well as reservations made for the same space by other users and the whole process takes merely 45 seconds. The service is currently live in Mumbai, Pune, Hong Kong and Bangalore.

Breathing Room is a privately held startup based in Pune and was founded by Kaushal S and his team. The team estimates the business to be worth $5Bn and intends at being the market disruptor in the commercial real estate segment.

Here is a video of Breathing Room launching at BigMobilityConf2014:


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