World Entrepreneurship Day – Announcing The Book Project

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World Entrepreneurship Day – Announcing The Book Project

Today is ‘World Entrepreneurship Day’ and an apt moment to announce my book project.

What is ‘The Book’ Project?

January of this year, I mentioned about my book project and things have come to fruition. The Book Project is result of interviews I conducted with entrepreneurs while working on the content for super-successful Unpluggd event.

The Book (I am yet to decide on the name, so till then it is ‘The Book’) is an attempt to inspire people to do their own gig, make their own music, build their own stuff. This is an attempt to bring some of the most inspiring experience from Indian entrepreneurs to the world and

While working on the content for UnPluggd event, I came across inspiring people who have an interesting story to tell (of failures/pains and joy), great perspective to share and most importantly, they have a first hand experience of building business from India.

For instance, one of the fellow entrepreneurs was selling tomatoes at the age of 14. Not because of monetary reasons, but because he saw an opportunity that will help his friends’ dad make more money (and he can get a fat pocket money). It is just coincidental that the guy is building technology business and has mastered the art of selling! [*Is it really that coincidental?*]

There are inspiring stories of Indian entrepreneurs who have managed to beat the general sentiment of ‘things do not happen in India, there is no ecosystem for entrepreneurship in India etc’ and have built a solid business.

Real entrepreneurs go beyond such notions and make their own music – I sincerely hope that this book reaches out to a whole lot of wannabe/practicing entrepreneurs who get bogged down with negative sentiments about the entrepreneurship in Indian technology space.

As with UnPluggd event, you will not be exposed to media trained folks, made up stories, but something very honest and inspiring.

Moreover, the book is not just about stories, it also contains few very interesting conversations among entrepreneurs as well.

General FAQs

Will the book be free?
Surely not, but will be appropriately priced.

Hard copy or Digital?
I am still in talks with publishers, but if things go well we will launch the ebook first and launch the hard copy later [or maybe at the same time].

If you are a publisher and can appreciate value in this initiative, do get in touch ASAP [ashish at]

That’s the most difficult part to answer, but expect an announcement in a month or so.

What’s the status now?
I am still working on the content part, and as things start shaping up I will share more details later.

I want to get updates about the book.

Please fill up the form and we will send you updates on the progress of the book. Also, subscribers to this list will be entitled for a discount.

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