ValleyWag has done an interesting representation of world map of social nets,using data from Alexa.
Here are a few excerpts:

  • Orkut leads in the Indian subcontinent, as well as Brazil;
  • Facebook is stronger, internationally, than Myspace, with surprising strongholds in the Middle East;
  • is the most international of all the social networks, leading in Peru, Colombia, Central America, and other, scattered countries such as Mongolia, Romania, and Tunisia;
  • both Bebo and Skyblog follow colonial patterns, the first strong in smaller English-speaking countries such as Ireland and New Zealand, and the latter in Francophone countries;
  • and Friendster, the original social network, leads all across Southeast Asia.
  • Fotolog, a photo service defeated in the US by Friendster, has re-emerged as the dominant social network in Argentina and Chile.
  • Blogger is famous in Iran and Spain!

I wonder why Blogger has been included in this list. I agree with inclusion of LiveJournal (since it’s a walled-garden blogging network), but why Blogger? Is it a social network? How? If that’s the case, where is WordPress?

>> More here.

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