Google’s Reputation Falls 6.4%

Forbes has released a list of world’s most reputable companies (based on Reputation Institute’s annual survey) and India’s top entry, Tata Group stand at #10 position. Italy’s Ferrero wins the race, followed by Ikea (Sweden) and Johnson & Johnson (US).

Google stands at #23, Microsoft at 30, Nokia at 45, Apple at 52 and IBM at 104.

What’s interesting to note is Google’s fall in reputation – a drop of 6.4% (while Microsoft gained 7.5%).

Maybe the ‘Do no Evil’ philosophy has taken a backseat – even in the eyes of public?
Interestingly, In 2008, Toyota and Google were number one and two, they now rank 59th and 23rd, respectively.

Other Indian companies in the list include SBI, Infosys, L&T,Maruti Udyog,  HLL, ITC, Canara Bank, HPCL, IOC, Wipro,Reliance, Mahindra & Mahindra, Airtel, BoB, BPCL and PNB.

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