Worldspace is back in India, on Vodafone Network

Worldspace shut down its service in 2009 (December 31st) and the ‘Worldspace’ brand name was acquired by Bangalore based Timbre Media, which has now launched Worldspace on Vodafone network enabling Vodafone subscribers to listen to more than 1,00,000 songs on 10 stations on their mobile phone.

Vodafone Pug
Vodafone Pug

“A monthly rental of Rs 30 will be charged for the service, where user gets 300 minutes of listening. After 300 minutes, user can take a top up of Rs 7, where he will get 70 minutes free of listening time” [source].

Aside, Saragama owns 10% stake in Timbre media, which also offers customized radio content for multiple broadcast platforms (like FM stations, DTH, operators etc).

Long story short, your Worldspace device (if you still have them) cannot be resurrected, but the good news (and we certainly hope) is that the genre based music is back in India.

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