Worldspace Radio is back. But not quite like you would imagine.

Worldspace Radio - Who killed the DJ?Worldspace Radio is back. But wait. Do not dust the old satellite receiver. That Worldspace is dead and gone. Airtel has launched it on Airtel Digital TV under a new brand name called iMusicSpace. Earlier, rival telecom player Vodafone had also launched it on their network for subscribers as a value added service.

But simply stating that Worldspace is back would be a mistake which some of us will happily commit for eyeballs. Worldspace Inc, the parent company which used to run the original satellite radio broadcast service is still bankrupt.

Following the US based company’s bankruptcy in October 2008, the brand name was acquired by Bangalore based Timbre Media, a company formed by former Worldspace employees.

Saregama, owns 10 % in Timber media which offers customized radio content for broadcast platforms. At the time of closure, the company had 4.5 lakh subscribers in India (95 % of its total base) and was broadcasting nearly 40 channels.

Airtel’s iMusicService will relay 12 channels for Rs 35 per month.

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