Worldwide mobile browsing report: Socionets rule the web, What do Indians surf on the mobile?

Opera has just released it’s market wise report on usage of mobile browser and here are a few interesting findings for India:

Around 48.9% of traffic from Indian Opera users goes to social networking sites and the top 10 sites Indians visit on their mobile phone are:

Mixed trend, right? Worldwide trend is pretty much the same, i.e.:

  • Social networking is popular worldwide and is the leading source of Web traffic for mobile devices.
  • Consumers desire a rich Web experience regardless of the device they use to access the Web. WAP continues to diminish as more-capable Web browsers are able to display full Web content on mobile phones.
  • Nearly a quarter of all traffic is headed to content portals or search engines.

What’s your opinion on the mobile Internet trend in India? Is there a demand-supply gap?

Do we have enough capacity that can bring down the gprs price?

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