Spammers do maintain consistency and take vacations [Report]


Spammers do maintain consistency and take vacations [Report]

Did you know that spammers take vacation leave? A report by Honeypot project suggests that there was 21% decrease in spam on Christmas Day and 32% decrease on New Year’s Day.

Monday is the biggest day of the week for spam, while Saturday receives only about 60% of the volume of Monday’s messages.

The Honey Pot project received it’s billionth spam on December 9th, and interestingly from an Indian IP. As per the latest report by Honey Pot project, India stands at 8th position worldwide (among the top spam serving countries).

Couple of Interesting data points

  • 21 days 17 hours 17 minutes 28 seconds – that’s precisely the amount of time it tool from harvesting an email address (from webpages) to sending the first spam email.
  • Product spammers (ones selling college degrees) operate on a slower cycle as compared to fraud spammers (e.g. phishing).
  • The total storage requirement imposed on the Internet by just the spammers sending the top-20 spam campaigns was over 2.5 petabytes!
  • Spammers are a bunch of creatives –for instance, they had 956 different ways to spell Viagra (V1AGRA, V1@GR@, V!AGRA, VIA6RA, etc).


What’s interesting to note is the consistency of spammers – they maintain the same from/subject lines in email and for instance, ‘Can you afford to lose 300,000 potential customers?” sent from “Instant Booster” has been sent atleast 100 billion times.

For those who are hooked onto social networking space, you would be surprised to note that there were no phishing message on Facebook in 2008 and in 2009, it became the second most phished organization online and, if current trends continue, is on track to take the top spot in 2010 [details].

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