Worldwide, texting is the most important usage of a cell phone

Even though the usage of sms is declining in India, it’s still considered the most important usage of cell phone worldwide.

As per research conducted by Access Systems Americas and Amplitude Research, buyers of new cell phones look at video capability (33%), music (34%), accessing the Internet (61%), email capabilities (63%), camera (67%), and text messaging (73%) as the most important features that they look for.

Interesting insights from the survey:

  • 62 percent said they would use Bluetooth while 51 percent will use the hands-free microphone to comply with restrictions when driving
  • 39 percent said they have added new applications to their cell phones.
  • 41 percent said they send or check emails one to five times a day while 28 percent said they do not use their cell phones for email
  • 40 percent said they use their cell phones for traffic, weather, and stock market alerts
  • 30 percent said they use their cell phones for banking transactions [source]

What is the most important usage of cell phone to you (apart from talking)? Do you watch videos? Listen to FM?

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