Worried about the tone of your email? Grammarly has launched an ML-based ‘tone detector’

When most people write emails, they end up re-wording aspects of it or sometimes even the entire mail just to get the ‘tone’ right. And most email platforms and software do not provide anything to make this easier. One always wants to make sure that an email doesn’t sound unfriendly while being stern, or too friendly while being formal etc.

The tone of an email deserves attention. Grammarly, the popular grammar tool, has now launched this as an important feature in beta. Using machine learning and rules, and analyzing your word choice, phrasing, punctuation, and even capitalization, it can tell you how your email would sound in terms of its tone to the intended recipient.

It scores you on categories of tone such as ‘excited’, ‘joyful’, ‘aggressive’, ‘confident’, ‘formal’, ‘informal’ and so on. The top ‘tones’ are displayed along with the score when this feature is used. Do keep in mind the tone detector needs at least 120 characters to be activated.

The beta version of the tone detector is now available as part of Grammarly’s Chrome extension, and works on email sites such as Gmail and Yahoo. The company says it will be rolling out updates for the Safari and Firefox versions in the coming weeks.

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