Would you be my Entrepreneur Twin?

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Is this yet another jargon invented to confuse you ? Well no 🙂 It was one of those days (which happens to be everyday  ) …I was sitting with an enterprising entrepreneur friend of mine who wished to clone herself so that she could streamline essential systems of her organization and focus on growth and expansion.  And as usual, an enthusiastic coach that I am I volunteered to help her out…and my friend was quick to propose to me –

‘Would you be my ‘Entrepreneur Twin’?

So, essentially I became Mamta’s (that’s the name of my entrepreneur friend ) Twin.

Mamta is the founder and director of Blue Lotus – a dynamic platform for designers and artisans across the country. She runs a retail creative boutique store Buzzaria.

As her Entrepreneur Twin, I started to live her business. I spent days shadowing her, meeting all stakeholders, understanding existing systems and processes, interacting with staff, negotiating with vendors,  addressing customers and so on.

The next step was to identify the gaps and then make an ACTION  PLAN to fill in those gaps. We are still treading this journey, hence can’t share the end of the path. But this exercise set me thinking that this is a wish many entrepreneurs have… Wish I had my CLONE… life would be so much easier…correct me if I am wrong.

So what purpose could an Entrepreneur Twin serve :

Mamta says, “In our journey as an entrepreneur many a times we are unable to deal with all that we want to accomplish and we say if there were two of me how easy it would be. An E twin concept has worked for me as an exercise in empowerment and working on those areas in my life…which allows me to feel think act behave with complete confidence enabling tools within me to achieve….by working with another…who is my twin for a short period of your professional journey…”

The most essential value is the Doubling of Time- We keep counting our things to do… Processes, product development, tech issues, staff management, marketing, branding, networking and if that was not enough – Social Media marketing, branding and the list goes on. He/ she  can step into our shoes for a limited time and help it double it.

Mirroring You:  Hiring a good Human Resource is a constant challenge at a startup.  So how do you get someone as good as yourself ? Get an Entrepreneur Twin… someone who understands the business, takes ownership, manages pain areas, pushes you to explore growth areas and executes the plan.

She helps you do a Mindware Upgrade. As an entrepreneur, we do things that work for us. We get successful. We get big. Things change. And we keep doing things the way we did. We struggle. We are clueless. We may ‘know’ how to fix things, but we still work from our comfort zone. We fail.

Now that’s where our Entrepreneur Twin can step in . To shake us up. To shake things in our company. And when we see her do things differently or do different things from close quarters, we realise the missing link in our efforts.

Our Entrepreneur Twin can teach us how to work ‘on the business’ and not just ‘for the business’. She can teach us to be a tough negotiator with vendors and partners. She can demonstrate the lacunas in our hiring process, gaps in our systems that need urgent plumbing. Now. And this change never happens just by knowing what to do. It happens by seeing ‘how to do what needs to be done’.

And our entrepreneur twnn also helps us observe our Business-from -a-distance. Real learning happens when we are willing to let go. When we can observe our business from a distance. When we have the luxury to slow down and ‘Deep Think’ And that’s why it helps to get an ‘entrepreneur twin’ who gets up, close and personal in our business and does things differently for us.

Entrepreneur twins work for startups and small business with an open culture and mindset. One can really learn very fast, very complex stuff and relatively cheap.

So How Do you Work with an Entrepreneur Twin

  1. Choose an Entrepreneur Twin (preferably from your circle of entrepreneur friends ( in the same city ) but you can also choose a professional – a coach with a business background who would have the time and passion to be an ‘Entrepreneur Twin’ for you).
  2. Have a Time Bound Engagement ( ideally 1- 3 months )
  3. Set the terms of engagement  at the beginning of the process( No of hours, remuneration, scope of work etc )
  4. Now Find Him /Her!

About the Author: Shilpi Singh is an Executive Coach & Hospitality Entrepreneur. She is the Co-Founder of Cinnamon Stays, a boutique homestay in Gurgaon. Besides, as a coach, she plays the role of a Performance Catalyst, working with entrepreneurs and organizations to better their performance, profitability and purpose.

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