Would you hold a phone or hands?

Ergonomics, product-design flaws, safety-worries, or the good old phantom-limb effect. Researchers are scratching their heads to work out some numbers that came up in a new study.

Active Phones; Inactive Brain?
Active Phones; Inactive Brain?

In ‘The Phone Walkers: A study of human dependence on inactive mobile devices’ Laura Schaposnik and James Unwin from University of Illinois dug in a clear pattern of mobile phones being carried in people’s hands (3000 people on Parisian streets) without the person using it (that is, not looking at it).
So we hold our phones when we aren’t actually using them. Big deal! It is, when we see how as soon as individuals join members of the opposite sex there is a clear tendency to stop holding mobile phones whilst walking (just 18 per cent). Else, 38 per cent of solitary women, and 31 per cent of solitary men touch their phones (via).
Hmm. It’s just a phone. It’s not the ring, Frodo.

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