A 15 year old Chinese girl’s ‘curiosity’ and quest to end her homework drudgery : A writing robot !

Curiosity might have killed the cat, but for the kids it has often take them to a path less traveled, off the beaten tangent and their lives have never been the same.

Curiosity could be ‘inventive’ or as in the case of a Chinese girl, purely need based.

Repeatedly tasked with copying passages from essays and poems from the textbook, she was curious enough to stumble upon a ‘writing robot’ in order to lessen her every day drudgery.

During the Chinese lunar holiday, the girl finished all her home-work in just two days, even with all the travelling and festivities going around.

And that aroused, the second round of ‘curiosity’, this time in her mother and she found the ‘writing robot’ in the child’s room, which can copy and write passages in any form and can imitate all forms of hand-writing.

We do not have news on the fate of the robot, but it has sparked a third round of ‘curiosity’ and the girl’s story has been read 13 million times on Weibo and 3000 people have posted on it so far.

Kudos to her (?) for making tech work for otherwise a boring job?

[Source: (SCMP)]

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