Redactor Launches WYSIWYG Editor that Incorporates Built-in Drag ‘n’ Drop and Copy/Paste

If you envy Gmail’s built-in drag ‘n’ drop and copy/paste feature for images, here is the good news. Redactor has announced the launch of its WYSIWYG editor that incorporates built-in drag and drop and copy and paste functionality for images.

Redactor: drag and upload
Redactor: drag and upload

Redactor 9.1 offers five major new features:

  • Drag and drop for images: Simply drag an image into Redactor and it will be uploaded to the server. Simple API calls and callbacks can be found here:
  • Scaling functionality: Select an image and intuitively scale it by dragging the bottom right corner.
  • Ability to move images across text: Quickly and easily drag images across text until they are positioned exactly according to your requirements.
  • Copy/paste for images: Copy an image from a hard drive, Photoshop (full image or section only) or MS Word and then just paste it wherever you like inside the Redactor user area.
  • Link parsing: Insert a link to a YouTube video and it will be converted to YouTube’s embedded video player. Insert a link to an image and it will be converted to an actual image with a proper <img> tag.

Plus, Redactor 9.1 introduces a parsing option. This allows users to automatically convert links to images into proper <img> tags as well as offering users the functionality to automatically create YouTube-embedded players from YouTube video links.

Redcator vs. TinyMCE

Redactor team claims to be super lean as compared to the popular WYSIWYG editor, TinyMCE.

redactor vs tinymce

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