XDrive Gives Away 5 GB of Storage – For Free..And More

I covered file sharing applications in my earlier post (link) – and I was pretty much satisfied with the options that I had explored (Zapr,Lycos Mail,GTalk and Y! messenger) – But here is another addition that was relaunched (with bells and whistles):: XDrive.

XDrive is giving away 5 GB of storage space for free.
XDrive is definitely not just another storage application, it has several differentiators too:

  • You can store music files in your XDrive account and listen to them fr0m wherever you want to. (i.e. streaming music) – No need to carry your bunch of favorite CDs/MP3s. Just use your computer/smartphone to connect to XDrive and have a blast!
  • Share files/folders and define permission level (edit/share/download/view)

The desktop version is a feature-rich product:

  • Serves as your hard drive backup –
  • Easy to use Backup Smart Pick Options
  • Schedule multiple automated backups
  • Access XDrive through Windows Explorer
  • Manage and share folders and files
  • Drag and drop folders and files
  • Open and save files directly from applications

XDrive also has a cool browser plugin (only for IE), which enables you to download the file directly to your XDrive account.

Overall, I must say that XDrive is a great product.
The flip side of XDrive is that its a part of AOL and I am not too sure how many of us will trust AOL for not goofing up with user’s private data (again).

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