Xenon Gives the Auto Market A Tech Edge With Real Time Apps for Buyers, Sales & Service

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Xenon Gives the Auto Market A Tech Edge With Real Time Apps for Buyers, Sales & Service

Understanding a huge communication gap between the end customer and the car makers, Sharath Murthy and Venkat Sreeram decided to provide solution for this problem faced in the automotive industry. Xenon automotive technologies offers apps for dealer sales, car owners and also service.

More into Chinese market

The Xenon apps are currently in the Chinese market due to the higher number of luxury cars and competition amongst automobile companies. China has 11 times more luxury cars compared to India.

The Xenon apps

Dealer Sales app – is a CRM/Sales app empowering the sales advisors in car dealerships to track right from opportunity stage to test drives through configuring and placing an order till the delivery of the car to the customer.

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Dealer Service app – is a front-end app for the dealer service advisors to provide better customer service in their daily interactions with car owners, vehicles and with the service workshop technicians. This app allows service advisors to track their customers, vehicles, service appointments, and perform all the steps during service visits including inspections, prepare service order jobsheets, track order status, communicate with customer, explain invoice and prepare vehicle for handover to customer at end of service.

Car owner app – is a car-company provided app to all the car owners for higher levels of engagement with the end-customers. Car owner can interact with the dealer and also with the vehicle (once the vehicle is connected) and can make use of remote diagnostics, study their driving patterns and improve their experience of owning and using the car.

You are always connected

The telematics kit installed in the car by the dealer keeps you connected. If your car is due for service, you get an SMS alert. If you are not in range of a mobile tower, you get the message as soon as you come back in sight.


These apps needs customization as it is not just customer specific but also dealer specific. So each dealership needs customization. The dealer benefits immensely out of these as he gets real views and feedback along with customer needs for the specific brand of car.

As the app is customized for a specific dealership or car model, it is promoted through the dealer and OEM as well.

Future plans

The idea is to have a connected car. So after China, Xenon will soon launch the apps in India as well. “Depending on car manufacturers and dealerships to use a functional Dealer Management System (DMS) for our mobile apps to integrate with, we will be soon launching in India,” Sharath said.

Watch Xenon Demo at bigMobilityConf

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