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Xequre is an Indo-Canadian startup (Toronto, Canada and Chandigarh, India) that enables logging on to multiple websites with only one master UserID & password. Xequre has built “the only single…

Xequre is an Indo-Canadian startup (Toronto, Canada and Chandigarh, India) that enables logging on to multiple websites with only one master UserID & password.

Xequre has built “the only single sign on password/ID manager which does not store user details” – i.e. a patented web based platform for managing online passwords/identity to help solve the password fatigue problem for internet users.

The founding team stood 2nd out of 87

participating teams from North America, in the TiE Quest business plan competition and has roped in cryptography expert (Dr. Kumar Murty, who is the head of the Ganita labs, the Chair of the University of Toronto Mathematics Department).

XeQure will be the first company to introduce an online SSO password and identity management solution targeting non-enterprise internet users that is more secure, easy-to use, reliable, portable, multi-browser compatible, multi-OS compatible, and more scalable than competitors. The modular product will also be marketed to businesses targeting users as well as small and medium enterprises.

Here is how XeQure’s multi-factor authentication works:

  • When initially registering for the service, XeQure users can choose a unique Display Image from a set of images provided on XeQure.com or upload an image from their hard drives. Whenever users log into XeQure, they will see that image as a sign-in seal, a proof that the site is authentic. (Reduces phishing attempts)
  • When a user signs in using his/her ID & Password, XeQure will instantaneously assess the “profile” of the member’s and detect the IP Address, storing the information for future reference. In case, the user enters a wrong ID/ Password three times, XeQure will temporarily block that user and reactivate it automatically after 24 hours.
  • If the user’s identity is cleared, he/she is taken to the Grid Card authentication page where the Display Image is also present.
  • On the Grid Card Authentication page, the user need to input the random co-ordinates from their individual Grid Cards. The user will be given access to the account only if they input the correct co-ordinates.

Few features:

  • Multi-factor authentication for additional security (Master ID/Password authentication, IP address /Mac authentication for static IP, Image verification, choice of Grid card, Mobile phone or Image based authentication and Knowledge based authentication if the user forgets his password or misplaces the  grid card or is unable to receive an SMS on his mobile)
  • Robust encryption technologies (AES 256, SSL, SHA 512 and the patented Split key authentication developed by Ganita labs at the University of Toronto)
  • User can create and categorized bookmarks of their most frequently used/ favorite websites
  • Thumbnail or link based website auto-login results
  • Auto register feature allows the user to automatically register/subscribe to a new websites  (currently in development)

Xequre is still under closed beta and as of now, not all websites can be auto logged into (the solution is underway) – I have 10 invites to give away, so if you are interested in trying out xequre, please leave a comment (with email id).

University of Toronto has already partnered with XeQure and the partnership gives them their initial user base!

What’s your opinion on Xequre?

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