Xerox sets up Research Facility in India – The First in Asia

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Xerox sets up Research Facility in India – The First in Asia

For couple of weeks we have been reporting on rising interest in the West to set up business hubs in Asia. We have Zynga setting up in Bangalore, Facebook coming  – albeit backend operations – in Hyderabad, Amazon Web Services coming up in Singapore and now Xerox. Yeah, Xerox have setup a research facility called Xerox India Innovation Hub (XIIH) in Chennai which was inaugurated by Dr. Sophie Vandebroek, CTO of Xerox a day before. The press release is scheduled today forenoon at Chennai, as the activity was done in a more or less silent way.

Xerox PARC  – the Palo Alto Research Center – is known to have first developed commercially usable computer mouse, Graphic User Interface (GUI), Ethernet etc. Their range of their research verticals is vast ranging from Semiconductors to Polymer Physics, from Solid State Lasers/Blue Lasers to Distributed File Systems, from Object-oriented Programming to Electronic Paper, Micro–Electrical Mechanical Systems (MEMS) to Natural Language Processing etc. The Chennai center is likely to operationalize completely in coming weeks, and will focus on several different research verticals such as smart document management solutions, linguistics, cloud computing etc. XIIH, Chennai is only the fifth research center set up by Xerox after the first ones being setup in Palo Alto – California, Mississauga – Canada, Grenoble – France and Webster-New York.

Now that’s what I call a healthy development for technology instead of a BPO operation coming to India! Let’s see what Xerox got to say officially about it at the press release.

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