Xiaomi’s New Mi Wi-Fi Router Comes With 6TB Storage

Xiaomi is quickly building up its inventory of connected devices in the hope that they facilitate sales of its smartphones. After launching smart TVs, air purifiers and even night-vision cameras, the company has now launched a Wi-Fi router.

Xiaomi Mi WiFi

The Mi Wi-Fi router enables high-speed connectivity and 6TB of onboard storage. The device supports 802.11 Wi-Fi bands and is powered by a dual-core 1.4GHz Broadcom processor coupled with 512MB of RAM.

Xiaomi has also released the Mi Wi-Fi in a 1TB variant. The onboard storage space can help with backing up images from cameras and smartphone and store them securely.

The device will support cameras made by Sony, Nikon, Canon and smartphones running on Android and iOS. Data stored on the router will be accessible via supporting Android and iOS apps.

Alongside the Mi Wi-Fi, the company also debuted its Wi-Fi amplifier that is powered via USB port and works to extend the range of the Mi Wi-Fi.

The availability of devices outside Xiaomi’s home market of China hasn’t been announced, but they have been priced at CNY 2,999 (approx Rs. 30,080) for the 6TB variant and CNY 699 (approx Rs. 7,200) for the 1TB variant. The Mi Wi-Fi Amplifier is priced at CNY 39 (roughly Rs. 400).

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