Xiaomi Showcases MiUi 7 Global Edition [Beta Launch On Aug 24]

MiUi 7 feels more like an iterative launch than previous MiUi versions. The biggest change is probably the integration of Opera’s Max technology in the OS which saves data. The photo gallery now supports facial recognition, Showtime is a feature that lets users set a 5 second looping video for each contact that will play when they call.

Xiaomi has unveiled the global edition of MiUi 7, it’s own version of Android OS, which will launch in beta on August 24.

MiUi 7 feels more of an iterative update than previous MiUi versions, with the biggest change being Xiaomi’s partnership with Opera.


The OS will utilize Opera’s Max technology to compress data in browsers and other apps which Xiaomi claims will reduce mobile data usage by up to 50%.

Apart from the data saver feature the company says MiUi 7 will allow apps to run 30% faster and consume up to 10% less battery life.


Showtime is another feature that lets users assign 5 second looping videos for each contact which will play when they call, and an image of the day feature that showcases different pictures on the lockscreen and even an XXL font size option.


Further, the photo gallery now uses facial recognition to sort images by the people who’re in it and there are 4 different UI themes.

The China specific version of MiUi7 was unveiled last week along with the Redmi Note 2 while the global edition of the software was launched at an event in New Delhi, showing the company’s commitment to the Indian market.

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