Hugo Barra said that Xiaomi was building a war chest of patents and laying the groundwork for its entry into the US market. While he did not specify a timeline, news of Xiaomi looking to enter more mature markets has been out there for sometime now. Xiaomi will build its own patent portfolio as well as tie up with companies such as Nokia, Qualcomm etc to gain access to their IP.

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is looking to file more patents and strike more deals ahead of its entry into the US smartphone market.

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Hugo Barra, International head of Xiaomi, said that the company was laying the groundwork for its entry into the US market at the Code conference.

Patent issues are taken very serious in the US and Europe and Xiaomi knows just how important having access to certain IP really is.

“Think of it as, like, a war chest of sorts,” said Barra.

While he didn’t specify a timeline for the same, news of the company wanting to sell its devices in more mature markets has been circulating for sometime.

Xiaomi has already faced the heat for not owning or paying for IP in India, when Ericsson sued the company that led to the temporary ban on sale of all its devices.

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