Xiffe’s Web-Based Prototyping Tool Lets Devs Design WatchKit Apps In Minutes

The Apple Watch is all set to go on sale on April 24, and with the company opening up WatchKit app submissions to all developers, there’s a real mad rush to send in apps tailored to the wearable.

Apple Watch For Developers
Apple Watch For Developers

With the Apple Watch being a wholly new product, developers are faced with new UI components and adhering to a unique set of design guidelines. Lending a helping hand to them is Xiffe, which has launched a web-based Apple Watch app prototyping tool.
The tool allows devs to create beautiful watch apps without the knowledge of WatchKit or any other complex design and developer tools. It comes with all the basic Apple Watch UI components, and a host of customization options.
Apple-Watch-Screen-1 Expense-Tracker-App-2 Long-Form-Notification
Since most developers will be looking to port their iOS apps onto the Apple Watch, Xiffe’s tool supports iOS controls such as labels, images, tables, switches and buttons. It also adds control for components unique to the watch such as sliders, date & timers and menus.
Xiffe’s interface features simple drag-n-drop capabilities, along with basic editing tools such as cut, copy, paste, undo and redo. The service’s USP is allowing devs turn their ideas into design creatives in minutes, which they can then share to gather feedback.

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