App Roundup: Xygle, Letsintern, Bech De


App Roundup: Xygle, Letsintern, Bech De

Apart from the startups we had profiled this week, here are a few apps that caught our attention as well.


Letsintern is a Delhi-based startup that has released an app of the same name. The app that is available on Android allows users to find, apply and even bookmark internships, fresher jobs and brand ambassador jobs.


Letsintern has a streamlined and gamified process to connect with different potential employers. The website and app are both pretty cool and useful with features like the alerts for categorys and the application tests that can be completed via mobile. The company sees competitors in LinkedIn, and Intermatch.

Letsintern app has been downloaded over 6,600 times and claim to have over 80,000 internships and fresher job opportunities to browse through. Its web platform had over 10 lakh visitors in 2013. The freemium app soon plans to introduce third-party skill-building tools and assessments.

Bech De

Bech De is an app developed by a Hyderabad-based startup that allows users to trade vouchers. Developed by IT employee Vamshi Krishna Reddy and his startup woodpeck3r, the app lets users upload vouchers that they have received and don’t want, and trade them for a discounted price to people who may be interested in using it.

bech de

Bech De is available in almost all tier-I and tier-II cities across the country. The app is available on android currently and will soon be developed for windows and iOS. As of now there are only ten coupons available on the app, but the developers are targeting employees from IT companies to receive more vouchers.

Launched in January 2014, Bech De comes from the developers of the now defunct Gaadiwala – an app that lists prices of major cars and bikes across major cities in India.

Xygle from YPayCash

Xygle is a feature launched in mobile wallet YPayCash. A QR code scanner which lets you buy products,  it is an interesting way of bridging the online offline gap. The Xygle website says you can use Xygle to purchase from the QR code catalogue on Xygle website. Or from their catalog you receive in your mail. Or from a featured product on the website.

We think that this could have some great uses. However, there are some basic problems with a feature of this nature.


If the user is on the website already, why won’t they just go ahead and go click click click and buy the product? Why indeed would someone pick up the phone, scan the QR code and buy the product? Ditto for e-mail or other websites. Although it saves the trouble of keying in account details every time, it seems like a roundabout way of doing things.

The other use case is that you can scan the QR code from a physical brochure or a pamphlet to buy. This is a useful feature. But hey, is anyone sending these brochures already? Not really.

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