Yahoo Acquires Koprol, Indonesia’s Foursquare

We have an eye for interesting companies and we went off the way to talk about Koprol earlier [normally we cover Indian startups only].

Koprol, like we said earlier is one of the fastest growing location aware social networks (slightly different from Foursquare) in Indonesia and acts more like a local socio-civic guide telling people about nearby coffee shops, parties and events going on in Jakarta.

Founded by three techies – Fajar Budiprasetyo, Daniel Armanto and Satya Witoelar, Koprol has built a strong presence among the youth of Indonesia, connecting the social graph using both mobile phones & web. Interestingly there is support for ordinary mobile phones with simple GPRS connection as well, which helps them to cash on a larger market of mobile users.

Koprol  - Indonesia's Foursquare
Koprol - Indonesia's Foursquare

The terms of the acquisition deals aren’t yet known, but expect it to be lot lesser than $100 mn Yahoo ‘kept aside’ for Foursquare.

Yahoo! plans to leverage the rich community of information generated by Koprol users to make its properties and applications, including its homepage and media and communications products, even more locally relevant.

Good to see Yahoo’s emerging market team moving much faster than the global team. Like with any other Yahoo acquisition, we just hope that Yahoo doesn’t kill the company.

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