Yahoo! is Pulling the Plug on 12 Services, AltaVista to Shut on July 8

Yahoo! has started shutting down services that it thinks are no longer part of its focus. Among others, search engine AltaVista will be shut in the coming week. In a blogpost, Jay Rossiter, EVP, Platforms at Yahoo said

Today we’re shutting down a few products so we can continue to focus on creating beautiful products that are essential to you every day.

A bunch of products many of us didn’t even know exist that are being shut down. But sadly, Yahoo is shutting down AltaVista, the favorite web search engine of the past! Not that anyone uses AltaVista anymore. People who have been on the Internet long enough might have fond memories of the early days of search. AltaVista will be shut down on July 8, Yahoo said.

AltaVista came into Yahoo’s hands when it acquired its then owner Overture Services Inc in 2003. Altavista

The company is pulling the plug on Yahoo! Axis, Yahoo! Browser Plus, Citizen Sports, Yahoo! WebPlayer, FoxyTunes, Yahoo!RSS Alerts, Yahoo! Neighbors Beta, Yahoo! Starts India, Yahoo! Downloads Beta, Yahoo! Local API and Yahoo! Term Extraction API.

Users of Citizen Sports are being asked to use Yahoo! Sports. Who ever is still using its WebPlayer, might want to remove the line calling for the player in your code. FoxyTunes users can use Yahoo! Music, the company said. You can subscribe to Keyword News alerts at Yahoo! Alerts and receive them on email. For celebrity news from India, try Yahoo! India OMG!

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