Yahoo’s Search Experience is Great, But ‘Powered by Bing’ will be an Awesome one – Carol Bartz

If you are from Yahoo search team, you will surely love this statement from Carol Bartz

..but this deal will make the difference between a great Yahoo! search experience and an awesome one.

Goes on to say how valuable is the Yahoo searchproduct in the eyes of Yahoo!

Better everything else: With Microsoft powering Yahoo! Search, we’ll be able to focus on the things we do best -– being the center of people’s lives online with properties like our homepage, mail, finance, news, sports, entertainment, mobile, etc. Sure, we’re the world’s largest online media company and your loyalty has made that possible. But we’re not satisfied – we still want you to say “wow” a lot more often. And that’s what makes this deal especially exciting.

Well, somehow I still do not understand the obsession with being the center of people’s lives. A startup (named Twitter 😀 ) has done wonderful things that made people built lives around it!

Doesn’t happen the other way round.

You do not make people love you, because you offer every product/service they need.

People love you because you have one great product that they use daily. It’s that one F**king Cool experience that counts.

What’s your opinion? Do you still buy the ‘center of people’s lives’ story?

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