Yahoo to discontinue public chat rooms, Pingbox and Windows Live messenger interoperability


Yahoo to discontinue public chat rooms, Pingbox and Windows Live messenger interoperability

Anyone who has been around for a while on the Internet, would have heard or been on Yahoo’s chat rooms. Remember asl pl? M/F? The good ol days of thunder? But then, the bots took over. And its curtains for chat rooms.

Last week, Yahoo announced that it will discontinue the public chat rooms feature within its Messenger service. The company has said in a blog post that the feature was not “adding enough value” for its users to justify prolonged support. The post said that Yahoo have to make tough decisions like closing down features that the tech giant feels aren’t adding enough value for the users.

In addition with public chat rooms, Pingbox and Windows Live Messenger interoperability will also be removed from December 14. The California based company also announced that it will not offer Voice Phone In and Phone Out capabilities effective from January 2013. Following this, users can no longer add new funds to their accounts, and active users who currently have a balance in their accounts will receive emailed instructions in December from Jajah on how to request a refund.

Started in 1998, Yahoo Messenger is one of the earliest online messaging tools on the web. In 2005, Yahoo closed many chat rooms, including girls 13 & up for much older men, teen girls for older fat men and 8-12 year old girls for older men. Following the under-age sex scandal allegations major  advertisers such as PepsiCo Inc., Georgia-Pacific Corp, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. including several others had pulled ads placed on Yahoo! web pages, which people said to do with with the offensive chat rooms. Later on, Yahoo had decided to restrict the service to users aged 18 and older.

Under the new leadership of Marissa Mayer, Yahoo is restructuring its products and scrapping features to overcome its financial woes and keep tab on losing market share. By discontinuing such products Yahoo spends more energy on creating experiences on the fresh products and feature ,said the blog post.

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