Yahoo India ‘s Investment in Callezee – (Not) All is Well?

Yahoo India invested in Call Ezee, voice based directory search service in 2008 and 1.5 years later, not much has changed in Yahoo India Local search service.

The core idea behind the investment was to integrate voice and web, bring callezee data to yahoo local and none of the two has been achieved in the last 1.5 years.

…the partnership provides Yahoo Inc the opportunity to expand its local reach and complement its current web service through the voice service. The partnership will enable the duo to share data and support each other on mutual basis – announcement during the investment

Yahoo India is still available in same 8 cities, as it was a year ago. The quality of data is as bad as it was a year ago and most importantly, the user engagement has taken a big hit.

Beyond the landing tab (‘restaurants’), most of the other tabs have reviews older than 10 days ago (latest review for shopping malls in Mumbai was 2 months back!).

yahoo local
Yahoo India Local - not all is well

And it seems, Yahoo India has even killed the Yahoo India Local blog [], after all there is hardly anything to update/blog about.

Hat tip: anonymous comment that was left here

even though, the relationship has past 1.5 years, yahoo is yet to list all those data which callezee has, on one hand one can say it may be a failure on the part of yahoo executives to get the work done out of callezee or it may also be a case where callezee has got the initial investments in their pocket and not bothering to pay in return. Overall looks like its a murky deal!!!

On the face of it, Y! India Local search’s Callezee investment looks like a murky deal that doesn’t seem to go anywhere, though it is nothing new for Yahoo (most of their acquisitions do not go anywhere and eventually land up in a deadpool).

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