Exclusive : Yahoo India shuts local search service

Yahoo launched its local search service in India in 2008 and importantly, the company invested in CallEzee, a voice based directory search service to get access to more local business data. But from what it seems, Yahoo has shut down local search service (http://in.local.yahoo.com redirects to Yahoo India homepage, i.e. http://in.yahoo.com).

We earlier mentioned how Yahoo India’s CallEzee investment wasn’t going anywhere (took Yahoo almost 2 years to expand to 6 more cities using CallEzee data).

So what went wrong? Well, a lot of things – apart from data accuracy, the lack of monetization model on web based local search has been a pain point which none of the players have been able to solve (Read: Facts & Myths In Indian Local Search Space [Insights From An Insider]) ; even other web based players haven’t grown beyond a certain point (Analyzing asklaila–Is It Time They Get Acquired?).

So who is the winner in local search market? Well, Justdial – and there is no second player in the sight now.

Other developments:

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