Yahoo launches Mash – the new new social networking platform. Get your invitation

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Yahoo launches Mash – the new new social networking platform. Get your invitation

Yahoo has launched Mash– it’s new social networking platform. The product is currently in private beta phase and you will need an invite for the same.

Since I work for Yahoo!, I will not be reviewing the Mash product here! I’d rather request one of the readers to share their review/comment.

In any case, if you wanna play with Mash, leave your email id in the comment section. I’ll send you an invite.

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The review so far has been mixed:

Mashable has a deja-vu feeling

“It is, in other words, an admission that they failed to acquire Facebook when they should have, and an attempt to get into streams before Google does with its SocialStream project.. And that’s notable too: rather than salvaging Yahoo 360, their existing network, Yahoo is starting afresh.

While I’m sure there is more to come down the road from the new site, for the time being, it just has a feel of a “poor man’s copy” of Yahoo’s missed opportunity: Facebook.

TechCrunch has a good description of product feature:

Unfortunately, it looks like Mash lacks a vital feature of Facebook: search. In the top right of every Mash page there is a search box for regular Yahoo search, but that appears to be it.Yahoo is calling Mash the next generation of profiles and has plans to roll it out quietly

Give Mash a spin. If you need invite, leave your email ID in the comment section (or send me an email).
While Facebook build the community and then opened it’s APIs to the world, Yahoo’s Mash is walking the reverse route, i.e. use cool modules and build the community. Do you think it will work? What’s the incentive for you to invite your friends at Mash?

Or bluntly put,will you ever move away from Facebook or Orkut and go Mash-ing?

On a serious note, if anyone of you is interested in writing Mash review @, do send me an email – I’ll create your id and you can get the mash pet!

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