It’s Now Easier To Add Photos, Files And GIFs In Yahoo Mail

Yahoo has introduced a way to quickly add images, videos and animated GIFs into messages in its Yahoo Mail client.

Yahoo Mail New Feature

The new Plus (+) button located at the right bottom corner of the compose window lets users access photo albums, files and links without having to go through the hassle of cutting and pasting.

Hitting the Plus (+) button opens up a panel on the right from where users can view photos sent or received using Yahoo Mail or even search for photos on the web or Flickr.

Yahoo Mail New Feature 2

Yahoo also makes GIF suggestion and links will appear in emails alongside a preview which users will be able to click or drag and drop into their email.

The feature is being rolled out for users in the US over the next few days but the company hasn’t mentioned anything about how soon it could come to other regions.

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