App Roundup: New Yahoo Weather and Mail Apps, Rediff Refreshes News App & India Code Finder for Android

Yahoo released a beautiful weather app for iOS and a refreshed mail app for tablets, India Code Finder is your one stop app for all things related with codes and India, the Rediff News app across platforms got various new features.

Here are a few apps that caught our attention this past week. While, Yahoo released a beautiful weather app for iOS and a refreshed mail app for tablets, India Code Finder is your one stop app for all things related with codes and India, the Rediff News app across platforms got various new features.

Yahoo! Weather for iOS and New Tablet Email Apps


Yahoo! under the helm of new CEO Marrisa Mayer seems to finally be getting things right. The company took the wraps off its new weather app for iPhone and mail app for Android tablets and iPads.

While there is no shortage of weather apps available for iOS devices, the Yahoo! Weather app is one of the most beautiful apps we have come across ever. The app incorporates data from Wunderground and images from Flickr. The company uses these Flickr photos as large and beautiful backgrounds for the weather. Each city is paired with a Flickr picture of that city depicting, when available, the current weather conditions.

In the portrait mode, the current conditions, high and low temperature and current temperature are located in the bottom left corner. But swiping up reveals more information like timeline of conditions for the remainder of the day, a five-day forecast, radar, wind conditions and sunrise and sunset timings.

Users can swipe through their selected list of cities just like flipping through a stack of postcards. In landscape mode, the Flickr photograph takes center stage with only the temperature displayed in the bottom left corner.

If you have an iOS device we recommend you download the app right away from here.

The new Yahoo! Mail on tablets is now more of a magazine-like experience rather than the file cabinet scenario seen on many other mail apps. Users are able to swipe through their email as if they’re reading the newspaper.

Download Yahoo!Mail: Android; iOS

Find All Codes with India Code Finder


This app by independent developer Pranay Airan, drew our attention not so much for its functionality but for its design and user experience. While there are numerous apps on the Play Store to find codes, we recommend India Code Finder, which helps you find IFSC Codes for banks, trace any mobile number, trace vehicle number, find STD code of any city across India, find the pincode of any city across India and also get a list of radio stations of different cities.

The IFSC search functionality lets you search IFSC for all leading banks and gives you information relating to MICR code, IFSC code, address, contact number and also the location of the bank on the map. There are over 90,000 bank branches from 128 banks listed in the app. The bank data is pulled from the RBI website.

The app is a colorful app with each section displayed prominently along with well thought out icons. Once one enters a section, the experience continues with a very simplistic but very effective design. The icons even continue inside. We tried the various categories and were able to find the information we required instantly. Also while searching the app pops up suggestions making it faster to find something.

This app combines the features of a few apps and does it in a very effective manner.

Download India Code Finder for Android here.

Rediff Refreshes News App


Earlier this week, one of India’s leading online provider of news, announced enhancements to its Rediff News App service. Rediff says the app will now bring news from over 30,000 Indian and International sources to users.

Apart from, the app also now aggregates news from top news sources such as Reuters, The New York Times, Washington Post, The Times of India, The Economic Times, and The Hindu.

We tried out the app on an iPod touch and a Galaxy Nexus. The app is similar on both, except that the search button which is present in the Android app is buried in the menu bar on the iOS app. It has a  tiled interface design which displays the latest news along with relevant images.

Clicking on a tile will take you to a short description of the article. One then has to click read more, which will open the article as a mobile version of the original content provider’s website in the app itself. We found this distracting and consumed a bit of our time. The first click itself should have taken us to the full article.

The app is also sorted into popular categories such as Top News, World, Business, Sports, Cricket, and Entertainment, which can be accessed from the menu on the left.

One can also manually set the refresh interval at a frequency of their choice. The app provides an offline access to previously downloaded news content even when the user is not connected to the Internet, something we liked.

While this app, can’t really compete with biggies like Flipboard, Pulse, Zite and the like, we liked that more local news was featured here, something the Rediff website is already popular for.

The app is available for iOS, BlackBerry, Windows 8 (desktop, tablet), Android and even phones using the Java and Symbian operating systems.

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