So What Happened to Yahoo SpotM, the Social Network?

Remember SpotM, the social network from Yahoo?

Yahoo announced SpotM in September of 2008 – it’s been 10 months and the product hasn’t been officially launched yet.

What we have learnt from internal sources is that Yahoo has decided to scrap the project and put SpotM to rest (in ‘piece’).

While the product is now open to public (you can signin with your Yahoo ID), we aren’t sure whether Yahoo plans to market it anymore (the team has been dismantled).

If Yahoo doesnt’ intend to pursue the product, it will mark another blow to Yahoo’s social networking story (mash, and now SpotM).

What Yahoo doesn’t realizes is that they have one of the most active socionet in the world – the oldest, traditional and sticky Yahoo! Groups.

What’s your opinion?

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