Yahoo Asked To Reveal Information From 2,704 Accounts By The Indian Government

yahooThe Indian Government had asked Yahoo to reveal the account details of 2,704 Yahoo users between January 2013 and June 2013, according to the transparency report published by Yahoo.

This is the first time Yahoo has published its global law enforcement transparency report, which details governments request for data during a period of 6 months starting January this year.

Out of the 2,704 accounts specified, the government had 1,490 data requests for these accounts in connection with criminal investigations. To receive this information, the various government agencies had conducted compulsory legal process against Yahoo entities.

Internet giants have begun publishing transparency reports after a vicious public outrage that followed reports of companies providing backdoor access to customer data for government investigations.

The information requested was in regard to Yahoo accounts and/or the activity of Yahoo users within Yahoo products.

Yahoo had disclosed ‘content data’ for only 341 requests from the list. This revealed data that the Yahoo user created, communicated and stored on or through our services. This could include words in a communication (e.g., Mail or Messenger), photos on Flickr, files uploaded, Yahoo Address Book entries, Yahoo Calendar event details, thoughts recorded in Yahoo Notepad or comments or posts on Yahoo Answers or any other Yahoo property.

Only ‘Non-content data’ was disclosed for 494 requests. This revealed data such as the subscriber’s basic information including the information captured at the time of registration such as an alternate e-mail address, name, location, and IP address, login details, billing information, and other transactional information.

Yahoo produced no data in response to 155 of the data requests as the the account didn’t exist or there was no data for the date range specified by the request, pertaining to those accounts.

500 of the data requests by the government were rejected by Yahoo on the basis that  the government agency sought information outside its jurisdiction or the request only sought data that could not be lawfully obtained with the legal process provided.

Some of the data requests were also withdrawn by the government after being received by Yahoo.

The highest number of data requests came from United States, Germany and Italy with 12444, 4295 and 2637 request respectively.

Last week Facebook released its first transparency report, according to which the Indian government had made 3245 requests and asked for information on 4144 users or accounts.

You can see the complete report here.

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