Yahoo’s World Search Championship and few observations on gaming behavior..

Yahoo launched world search championship few days back (ends on Oct 31st) and within 13 days of launch, the site has reached to the 248th position/topmost site in India! (as per Alexa).

Alexa has it’s own tracking issue (tracks based on # of toolbars installed and hence isn’t very reliable, but is okay for a relative comparison).

For fun sake, lets look at relative traffic of few gaming/contest sites (1 month data):

Is worldsearchchampionship witnessing this sort of interest because of the prizes that are at stake (HP laptop, Playstation, N96 etc)?

Or, are people more willing to play an easy/no-brainer’ game (i.e. Dus ka Dum vs. Kya aap Panchvi..- we all know which one failed!)

What’s your opinion?

Do you believe that there is a big opportunity in such a gaming space? (if you have marketing budget?)

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