A quick lesson from YC on how to correct one’s mistake.


A quick lesson from YC on how to correct one’s mistake.

So YC (Y Combinator) is accepting all startups that applied for the program this quarter.

And if you are wondering WTF just happened (heck! all those 15,000 startups!!), here is what really happened.

YC team, by mistake sent acceptance email to even the rejected startups (some received rejection email followed by acceptance email) and all this resulted in chaos.

We messed up and sent acceptance emails to many Startup School applicants who we didn’t previously have a place for.

Shit happens (and you can blame them / laugh at them for silly process), but here is the thing:

YC instead of turning down the founders who were rejected went ahead and accepted everyone.

As most of you already know, we screwed up and sent acceptances to companies that were not actually accepted to Startup School. We’ve decided to use this error as an opportunity to try something new: we’re going to let in every company that applied to Startup School.

Many apologies for the back and forth — to be clear: you are in.

Lesson for founders / business leaders

YC could have sent one more email apologizing, but once you have given a word – honor it.

That’s what YC did. It is damn difficult thing to do, by the way. This will push YC’s infrastructure, but the thing is it also saves them from negative PR (which also translates to focusing one’s effort in the right direction instead of being drowned in trolls).


Of course, there are questions on the quality and whether YC tag carries any value (atleast for the next batch) and how ‘originally selected’ startups will react to this mass decision, the truth is that it is moments like these that test an organization’s soul.

Everything else can be fixed.

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