YehiSahi – buy the right gift for your kids

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YehiSahi – buy the right gift for your kids

YehiSahi is a startup incubated at Centre For Entrepreneurship, SP Jain Institute and is an attempt to help young parents identify the right gift for their kids – – right stuff notyehisahi just in one aspect (say, intellectual) but other aspects too (social/emotional etc).

YehiSahi’s objective is to create a stimulating and fun home environment and help parents spend quality time with their children by identifying the right gifts for their kids.

And how does YehiSahi knows what’s right for your kids?

Well, they conducts interactive sessions with groups of parents to discuss how they can make the most of the time they get with their children in today’s fast paced life; and based on these sessions YehiSahi identifies the right mix of toys, books, games, cds etc.


As they mention:

‘To prepare the right mix, we keep in mind:
• The skills and abilities the child is acquiring during a particular age.
• The age-appropriateness, development value and fun value of the items.’

YehiSahi has similar inventories for Preschool teachers (gifts based on subjects like Arithmetic, Language, Blocks/Pyramids etc).

In my opinion, this is an interesting idea and solves real pain of parents who are confused about striking a balance between safe products vs. fun products (as a fyi – many of the baby toys imported from China are very unsafe for kids, though they are real cheap).

But at the same time YehiSahi needs to work a lot on adding different set of products to their inventory. Their basic assumption that all children under the same age range will love the same set of toys is too generic and I don’t think very true.

But this is the beginning of their journey and I am sure they have lot more plans.

What’s your take on YehiSahi?
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