Yelp launching in India?


Yelp launching in India?

Last week, Yelp launched its service in Singapore (as part of Asia expansion strategy) and the next stop, it seems is India. yelp_india

The company hasn’t yet announced its India plans (though confirmed from reliable sources), but IPO was a lot about International expansion plans and given India’s Internet audience growth, these companies probably cannot afford to ignore India anymore (Yelp already receives a good traffic from India, as their India traffic rank is 513, as per Alexa).

Yelp’s international focus

The company is currently active in 51 Yelp markets in the United States and 39 Yelp markets internationally. From the recent filing:

Our domestic expansion plans include growth in our existing markets as well as expansion into new markets, many of which are smaller than our current markets, as we look to expand our breadth of coverage. Internationally, as we are in the early stages of establishing our footprint, we are targeting a mix of both large and small markets. We have not yet made any substantive effort to monetize our international markets and have not generated significant revenue from these markets to date.

Given JustDial’s dominance in local search business (and Zomato’s traffic growth in online space), it will be interesting to see Yelp fares in this market. Will Yelp partner with Indian content providers (Burrp, Zomato) for its India launch? Going solo may not seem to be the most viable option, owing to lack of structured data in this space.

Interestingly, Zomato too has launched internationally (Dubai to start off).

We have reached out to Yelp for more details and will update as we get them (if you have, please feel free to share here).

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