YepMe : a true deep dive local search engine

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YepMe : a true deep dive local search engine

In my earlier review of Indian local search market, few points came out very strongly:yepme_logo.PNG

  • You can’t really beat Google in the local search by *claiming” to have a better algo (beat them at the global level first),
  • And the only way one can beat Google is to either build more services around search or do a real deep dive in the local market.

YepMe, an Indian startup is taking the latter route and has done a deep local search of Delhi region (you can even find a barber or scrap dealer in Delhi!)

YepMe has organized searches based on few categories – Restaurants/Nightlife and Bars/Hotels/Shopping/Beauty & Wellness/Movies and Events; and has built contextual info based on categories, i,e.

  • If you are searching for restaurant, you can filter the search results by looking for meal with two in price range of 500/1000 etc; liquor (yes/no)
  • Similarly, for nighlife/bars, you can filter by the price of beer as well as type of music (indian/western/mixed)
  • for movies – filter by language/show timings

The UI is intuitive and easy to register on your brains (repetitive queries made me realize the idea behind categories) and they have used minimal AJAX to keep the interface simpler.

YepMe : a true deep dive local search

YepMe also has a mobile version – send YEPME <cityname> <query> to 53030

Overall, excellent execution and a true deep dive search. What’s your take?

YepMe is currently available only in New Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon and Noida.
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