Why am I supporting Yogi

So there are many different opinions floating on the web around Stayzilla issue. Of course, majority of the community is rallying for Yogi, here is what you need to know.
Qn: Stayzilla owes money to the vendor?
The two teams (Stayzilla and the vendor) have been debating this for quite some time over the service quality delivered. None of the third parties (i.e. non-Stayzilla and vendor core team) know the real picture. So forming based on what ‘selectively’ is shared is wrong.
Qn: Why should I even support Yogi?
First of all, the fight is not about whether Stayzilla owes money to the vendor or not. It’s about the way things have been handled.
Threat to the family, the voodoo dolls – if that’s what the legal route is, then we are better off buying personal insurances as part of MVP launch.

The voodoo doll : THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE
The voodoo doll : THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE

The fight is about having fair processes and ensuring that people follow the law and order.
For me, personally, the question is : What if the goons win?
It will just set the wrong example. Starting a business in India is already tough – running one will get tougher.
The so called #StartupIndia movement really has no meaning if entrepreneurs are harassed – right from the tax department to now, goons.
What’s the point of doing a startup in this country when there is no protection? No – we aren’t even asking for protection – we just want a ‘normal’ legal and police system which is for the people.
Our fight is about this – about creating a fair playground for all – irrespective of caste/regional and economic background.
We hope this isn’t too much to ask for?
Note that the new age entrepreneurs are a vulnerable lot, especially after the funding announcements (which are celebrated widely). It’s natural that the entrepreneurial community will attract undue attention – and it’s time like these that will define whether we move forward or..
PS : Yogi and I have met only four times in the last 7 years. So he is as ‘close’ a friend to me as most of you are. This fight isn’t about friends – it’s about a founder and what’s right.

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