You Know You Are A Brand When..

You Know You Are A Brand When You Are Part of Conversations.

When you are part of somebody’s activities that makes them look cool/aspirational.

Take WhatsApp for instance

Spotted this comic in Champak, the famous story book for kids.

The WhatsApp Comic
The WhatsApp Comic

And this? A hospital using WhatsApp as a preferred communication channel (they have this ‘deep’ understanding that patients will first pick up their smartphone and tweet ‘chest pain’ and then figure out the right thing to do. #justkidding).

Chestpain? WhatsApp Us
Chestpain? WhatsApp Us

Great brands become great brands (like Google, Facebook’s Like) because they are treated as a verb, as an adjective and everything else in between!

They find a deep connect with human emotions and have this mysterious role in one’s life – there is so much of dependency on these brands that consumers starts to believe as if they own the brand and can use it for any purpose they like to.

We see a lot of technology startups pushing the marketing envelope to gain traction – but the one thing that is often not focused is ‘is my brand part of conversations?’.

What are your thoughts?

[Hospital image credit : sai]