“We can only become big if we connect more dots” – Story of 2 Young Entrepreneurs [Multidots]

Anil’s father was a laborer and later watchman and was head of family, which included his wife and three children. While Aslam’s father was working in a plastic production company with high ethical values in a small town of Gujarat state in India, named Bhavnagar.

[Building business takes a lot of courage and today, we have two young entrepreneurs sharing their story (of building Multidots, a services company).]

Obstacles are made to be surmounted and that is exactly what they did. Anil Gupta (http://www.guptaanil.com) a 23 year old kid along with another kid of same age Aslam Multani (http://www.multaniaslam.com ) started Multidots solutions Pvt Ltd (http://www.multidots.in) back in year 2009.

It was recession, Indian summer was heating with 40 degrees of temperature but market was damn cold with Sensex going vertically down at around 8500. Every other day companies were shutting their business down or were slashing employees. Starting new business was a joke. Anil also got caught in the storm and got fired as company where he was working had to shutdown the branch in the city. Pathetic part of the story was he was employee of the month in that company. Aslam who was roommate, batchmate and a very good friend of Anil, was working with another very strict company with very less employee satisfaction also was burning inside. The incident with Anil worked as a flame and Multidots started by 1st May 2009.

First challenge was liquidity as 31st of every month is a challenge for a normal middle class guy specially when it comes to people like Anil and Aslam who were brought up in lower middle class families considering economical conditions but very Elite people as far as ethics values are concerned. Anil’s father was a laborer and later watchman and was head of family, which included his wife and three children. While Aslam’s father was working in a plastic production company with high ethical values in a small town of Gujarat state in India, named Bhavnagar.

They started the company with 13,000 INR as a bank balance, which is considered to be inauspicious but they did not have time to think about those myths. They were thinking about name of company, and while waiting on traffic signal on their bike, Aslam wondered

“ We are just a dot! Isn’t it Anil? And we can only become big if we connect more dots to it. The book of Rashmi Bansal (connecting the Dots) helped and company started on a traffic signal “Multidots”.


First office of Multidots was house of a kind lady Gita Maasi who allowed Anil and Aslam to stay as paying guest. So they had luxury of bed in office and office right next to their bed. But well that was the only luxury they could ever get. If not nightmare it was not fairytale too. They were starving of work. Without loosing courage they planned to create resource base and a small product until they could get some work. They created a product, which was online chat application but did not change the stars for them. Frustration was piling up and it added when they could not get domain multidots.com and they had to settle with multidots.in. But one could not imagine how they came out. They both passed Zend certification for PHP and came out strong like a rock. At that time they were only two in the state of Gujarat in India to pass Zend certification for PHP 5 by year 2009

One thing they could do and they did was to stick with basics and virtues. Anil focused on business development and Aslam took charge of execution. I remember an occasion when Anil was browsing opportunities and found a small project with long list of developers claiming for work, all with fair amount of experience and obviously better choice for client. Something sparked in his mind and he just completed work and submitted it with proposal. He wrote, “ Hey, I found work small and thought I can cut the operations down by just working on it. I have attached the code and if it makes sense, pay me…!!” And that client not only did pay him but also allotted a big project to the team. And this was the beginning of the journey.

First year was a challenge; it was one can say POC (Proof Of Concept) period. Aslam had biggest challenge of keeping balance between executions of project Vs creating team. While Anil had challenge of creating trust base in market without having almost anything backing up i.e no portfolio, no testimonials almost zero existence in market etc.

Second year was considerably easier as basic needs were fulfilled. Cash flow was there, considerably large number of satisfied customer with more then 90% of them creating repetitive work, team was getting educated and so on. But biggest challenge for this phase was to forecast the growth and plan for expansion, expansion in size, in domains and so on. Earlier it was easy to manage team by two of them but now need was there for emerging leaders. Creating leaders and thus strong units of teams and keeping the sustainable pace.


Third year came with more challenges because now Multidots had stable existence in market. But now they were expecting quality, which very large applications deserve and such projects can produce stable future for the employees and changing the gears from small-scale company to become a huge organization.

Now they are in their third year and are heading up to surmount the obstacles coming in their ways and now sharpening axe of Multidots by creating new leaders and educating every leaf of Multidots which is they have identified as basic need for strong base of organization for producing quality.

Now we are big enough to carry out a social face of Multidots and have conducted quite a few social events like Joy of giving, Blood donation camp, Standing by to Old Age Home parents and more.

With vision of leading India while writing this story we can feel Anil and Aslam standing tall ready to face challenges and surmounting obstacles.

Really… isn’t it a century of India? Two kids have proved themselves as young entrepreneurs and are leading economical requirements of 30 families to an extent.

[The article is part of Pluggd.in’s MyWay or HiWay series.]

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