Your Chance to Win Free Entry to NASSCOM Product Conclave Event


Your Chance to Win Free Entry to NASSCOM Product Conclave Event

NASSCOM Product Conclave is scheduled for October 27th and 28th in Bangalore and we have three passes to give away (each worth Rs. 4.5K).

Event key speakers include Guy Kawasaki, Kiran Karnik and Rajesh Hukku (check out the site for more details)

Win Free Entry Pass  – Here is How.

Well, we earlier gave free entry passes for events like TiE Entrepreneurial Summit (3 tickets, each worth Rs. 8k/) and other technology events as well (Proto/HS etc), but one of the harsh reality is that very few of the winners contributed back – the only request from our side was that the winners will cover the event on behalf of and frankly,we were  not at all pleased with their overall contribution (only few lived up to the expectation, while others just did a lip service).

So here is the deal – this time we have upped the ante and instead of asking people to leave comments in order to win free tickets, we are inviting entrepreneurs/geeks/interested folks to contribute blog posts in order to win the free pass to NASSCOM product conclave (also setting up the expectation that if you can blog pre-event, you should surely be able to blog post-event).

We know that we won’t get as many contributors and honestly, we hope to get people who really really need the pass.

Here are a few details regarding the blog posts:

Topics: Can be anything from your industry to entrepreneurship/product strategy/sales/market etc. as long as it has elements of ‘product’ in it.

Number of articles : We prefer quality over quantity..and if you have a good number of insights to share, we are game for it.

Decision : will rest with the editorial team. Essentially, Quality will rule.

Restriction on number of words? Not at all. Unless you want to publish twitter like entries, we are fine.

Contest Start Date: Today (October 19th) | Contest End Date: October 26th.

Submission Details: Just send a mail to ashish at with your blog post (word doc) and we will publish it asap.

Suggestions : Please avoid talking just about yourself/your product/startup – focus on the industry, the challenges (i.e. more outward than inward).

Rules : a) We reserve the right to reject entries if they don’t meet the desired criteria (for example, too much of self-promos..).
b) In case, we don’t get good number of entries, we will return back the passes to Nasscom.
c) Each entry will contain the link/credit to the original source (your startup/blog).

Fair enough? Get the ball rolling then. Don your blogging hat!
Update: The contest is applicable to authors as well.

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